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Nervo Touch Capsule NERVO TOUCH Capsule M.R.P.Rs. 75/- only

Paralysis ,the most difficult condition to treat. Paralysis is defined as the "Loss of muscular movement and coordination in some parts of the body. The loss of movement of muscles occur in systems of muscles like- muscles of hand and legs, facial muscles, etc. leading to paralysis in that particular region. It is always caused due to the impairment of the central nervous system.
The loss of voluntary muscle movement is accompanied by numbness, or loss of sensation, in the affected part. Due to this, the person does not feel any pain or climatic changes like heat, cold, etc. in the paralyzed part of the body.
According to Ayurveda Pakshavadha (Paralysis) is a disorder caused due to imbalance of the vata, the air element of the human body. Vata dosha is responsible for the proper coordination of all voluntary movements in the human body. A block in the proper movement of the vatadosha can bring about pakshavadha in the person.

Signs & Symptoms of Paralysis:

  1. The person cannot feel touch even when someone else touches him/her.

  2. The person also cannot feel pain in the affected part. An impairment of vision may be present.

  3. Numbness to weather is common. The person cannot feel heat or cold.

  4. There could be tingling sensations in the unaffected parts of the body.

Benefits of Nervo Touch Capsules
This formulation is found to be very effective in the treatment of Paralysis(Pakshvadh-Adhrang). Nervo Touch Capsule by acting on central nervous system give relief to affected person. It is completely safe ayurvedic medicine and can be taken for a long time period without any side effects.


Nervine Disorders
Chronic Pain anywhere in body

Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily after breakfast and 1 after dinner with milk

Toxicity: It is non-toxic drug and safe even for prolonged use and leads to no untoward reaction.

Restrictions: Avoid oily and stale food.

M.R.P.Rs: 75/- only in india.

Presentation: 10 capsules pack

in case of non availability-

You can get Nervo Touch Capsule (Minimum 6 Pack) by sending Demand Draft of Rs.750.00 only (including postal charges anywhere in india) made in favor of "Prince Pharma, Ludhiana" and send it to- Prince Pharma, Kailash Cinema Chowk, Adj.HDFC ATM, Ludhiana-141001.Punjab.

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