Mensaf Syrup


MENSAF SYRUP (Only for Women) M.R.P.Rs: 120/- only in india

It is a unique non hormonal product prepared for the problems of menstrual cycle. It is blended with the combination of choicest herbs which are found to cure menstrual cycle related disorders and beneficial to maintain good health after periods. Now a days, due to in-sufficient nutrition & fitness and hormonal imbalance many females suffers from menstrual irregularity and related symptoms like Pain lower abdomen, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, lethargies etc. It is found to be beneficial in following problem:

Primary Amenorrhoea (Failure to start having a period by the age of 16)
Secondary Amenorrhoea (Temporary or Permanent ending of periods in a woman who has menstruated normally in the past)
Irregular Menstruation
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
Pre Menstrual Syndrome (Above said symptoms arises prior to periods)
Menorrhagia (Abnormal uterine bleeding due to hormonal imbalance)

Course Duration: Minimum 90 Days
Dosage: 2 teaspoon full after breakfast and after dinner.
Toxicity: It is non-toxic drug and safe even for prolonged use and leads to no untoward reaction.
Instructions: Stop medicine during menstrual cycle. To be taken under medical supervision.
Restrictions: Red pepper, sour stuffs, oily and stale food.
Avoid Use in Pregnancy; Abortion may occur.
Presentation: 200ml Pack

In case of non availability-
You can get Mensaf Syrup (Minimum 4 Pack) by sending Demand Draft of Rs.530.00 only (including postal charges anywhere in india) made in favor of "Prince Pharma, Ludhiana" and send it to- Prince Pharma, Kailash Cinema Chowk, Adj.HDFC ATM, Ludhiana-141001.Punjab.
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