Mensaf Capsule

MENSAF Capsule (Only for Women) MENSAF Capsule M.R.P.Rs. 195/- only

To a great extent the health of the female reproductive organs determines the health of the women. If this system is imbalanced it affects the whole body through the hormonal system.
For a woman, regular menstruation without any noticeable pain, tension or emotional disturbance is a sign of good health. However many women suffer some difficulties with menstruation at one time or another.
MENSAF is a herbal non- hormonal menstrual regulator which contains a blend of all natural herbal extracts for effective regulation of the menstrual cycle.Combining synergistic herbs that are well known as female tonics and glandular, MENSAF is formulated to feed the glands, nerves & sensitive tissue areas necessary in the re-establishment of normal menstruation.
Apart from large number of well known herbs like Ashwagandha, Sonth, Bala etc, MENSAF also contains: -
Harmal Beej - A well-known antibacterial & antifungal. It stimulates the contraction of uterus & also exhibits significant analgesic activity.
Aloe Vera - A well-known uterine stimulator. By stimulating the muscles of uterus, it helps in normal periods.
Lodhra- their astringent bark is widely used in the treatment of Amenorrhea & uterine disorders.
Shatawri- A nutritive tonic It is anti-spasmodic and commonly used for amenorrhea & dysmenorrhoea (painful periods)

Beneficial in--

Menstrual Irregularity, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding.
Course Duration: Minimum 90 Days
Dosage: One capsule after breakfast and one after dinner with milk.
Toxicity: It is non-toxic drug and safe even for prolonged use and leads to no untoward reaction.
Restrictions: Red pepper, sour stuffs, oily and stale food.

In case of non availability

You can get Mensaf Capsules (Minimum 2 Pack) by sending Demand Draft of Rs.690.00 only (including postal charges anywhere in india) made in favor of "Prince Pharma, Ludhiana" and send it to- Prince Pharma, Kailash Cinema Chowk, Adj.HDFC ATM, Ludhiana-141001.Punjab.

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