Kamraz Course


KAMRAZ COURSE (Only for Men) M.R.P.Rs. 1150/- only

For Mastrubation induced weakness, Semen Problem, Erectile Dysfunction

A Special Course for Semen Weakness, Loss of Libido, Loss of Desire .....KAMRAZ COURSE
KAMRAZ is specially formulated with revitalizing minerals, herbs and other nutrients to nourish the male glands & organs. The premium formula provides increased energy and vitality and combats the causes of decreased libido. It also enhances male function; acts as an aphrodisiac; improves hormonal function; contributes to prostate, urinary & kidney health; improves blood flow & circulation important to sexual activity; tonifies the adrenals and other important reproductive organs. KAMRAZ provides relief from the symptoms experienced by men suffering from low energy or a run-down condition caused by overwork, stress and tension of today’s fast-paced life, decrease in sexual desire & vitality, muscular weakness, lack of ambition or vigor.

Beneficial in:

KAMRAZ is an all-natural  male sexual enhancer, which provides the following benefits.
Increase   semen   volumeand   sperm
count production. Enhances overall energy.

Increases libido and boost male sexual drive.

Increases stamina, libido, duration of erection&

the strength of orgasm.

Course Duration: 3 months minimum or depending upon the disease conditions.


Dosage:Capsule: One capsule at night with milk.

Pouch: After break fast with milk cream or butter.

Oil- Apply at night on outer skin of penis except joint of skin of penis and glans, head of penis. Massage gently for 2-3 minutes. It is for only external use. Not to apply inside the skin of penis.


It is non-toxic drug and safe even for prolonged use and leads to no untoward reaction.
Restrictions: Red pepper, sour stuffs, oily and stale food.

M.R.P.Rs: 1150/- only in india.

In case of non availability- You can get Kamraz Course (Minimum 1 Pack) by sending Demand Draft of Rs. 1450.00 only (including postal charges anywhere in india) made in favor of "Prince Pharma, Ludhiana" and send it to- Prince Pharma, Kailash Cinema Chowk, Adj.HDFC ATM, Ludhiana-141001.Punjab.

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