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Men Care

2 Much Gold
For Sexual Weakness

C.P.Gold Capsule
For Urinary Problems, Nightfall, White Discharge after Urine

Prince Tilla
Massage oil for Penis, Rejuvinate muscles & blood vessels of penis

For Mastrubation induced weakness, Semen Problem, Erectile Dysfunction

KASAK Capsule
For Erectile Dysfunction, Early Discharge

Roshan Chirag Capsule
For Low Sperm Count, Low semen quality

Madrasi Gel
Specialised Gel for Penis massage to increase time of orgasm and size of penis to some extent.
Women Care

2 Much Breast Cream
For Breast enlargement

2 Much Herbal Capsule
For Sexual & General Weakness, Loss of Desire

Mensaf Capsule
For Irregular Periods and other menses problem

Lecorid Capsule
For Leucorrhoea

Mensaf Syrup
For Irregular Periods and other menses problem

Skin Care

Cleardot Cream
For Blemishes, Dark Complexion, Acne

Bloshin Syrup
For Blood purification, Acne, Pimple, Dark Circle under Eyes

2 Much Herbal Face Pack
For Dark Complexion, Dry Skin, Pimples, Blemishes

Haldi Chandan Face Pack
For Pimples, Black Heads
Hair Care

2 Much Hair Oil
For Falling & Graying Hairs, Dandruff

2 Much Silky Shampoo
For Dandruff-Hairfall-All types of hairs
General Care

DIAMIN Capsule
For Diabetes (Sugar Problem)

Slimmer Capsule
For Obesity, Weight & Fat Loss

Pilrid Capsule
For obesity, Weight & Fat Loss

C.P.Gold Syrup
For Urinary Problems, Bed wetting

Migro-2 Capsule
For Chronic headache & Migraine

Nervo Touch Capsule
For Muscular Pains-Paralysis

Paineles Capsule
For all types of Joint & Muscular Pain, Arthritis, Gout

Paineles Oil
For Massage on affected joints & muscles
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