Our Highly qualified ayurvedacharya (ayurvedic doctors) here provide offline consultations through email and also at corporate address of Prince Pharma @ ludhiana. We offer treatment through ayurvedic herbs, ayurvedic drugs, diet & life style suggestions to restore health in a natural way.

Diet and lifestyle suggestions according to the disease and the body type (vata, pitta, kapha) are an imperative element of consultations in arogya for health. Only adequate diet and lifestyle measures can ensure complete well being and harmony.

Persons with no ailments and ayurveda enthusiasts can also be benefited from ayurveda to stay healthy and fit for future. Because ayurveda is a commandment for good health for those who want to remain healthy as long as they live and more.

we have a good and experienced team of qualified ayurvedic doctors. Prince Pharma provide free online consultations  to anyone who wishes  to begin to stop taking Allopathic medication  -  with their chemical origins  -  and to try safe, herbal preparations prescribed exactly for your own personal constitution. Each and every query is read and then  processed personally by our Ayurveda staff physicians. Please, therefore,  have patience with us, so we can help you the best we can. Expect about a one week waiting process. We promise, that each and every person will receive a personal and individual  consultation report from Prince Pharma's ayurveda specialist..

We provide individual attention to every patient. Detailed history taking sessions are made to ensure proper diagnosis of the disease. Proper judgment is made about the mind and body involvement in the disease and treatment is suggested on the basis of that judgment and individual body constitution.

People who want to get advice for their illness / disease should send an e-mail detailing the problem. Prince Pharma would like to welcome chronic sufferers, lifestyle related disorders, Sexual Disorders of Male and female problems insomnia, hypertension with or without complications, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, loss of vigor and such things to start with, for advice. As far as possible pure herbs / herbo-mineral formulae, local application of medicated oils will be advised.

The medicines / herbal combinations may be obtained by individuals themselves from anywhere they like or if they want guidelines from us, we may advise them as per our knowledge and sources.

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